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These are some of the features you will find in the app.

Create boulders

Be a routesetter. Did you create a boulder and you don't want to forget it or do you want to share it with the rest of the climbers?

This app is perfect for that. Just create your boulder and it will be available for everyone to try it out.

Track your progress

How much did you climb last month? What was the highest grade you've sent? How about your achivements as a routesetter?

Find this information in your profile.

Share your thoughts

Chat, comment or discuss with your climbing partners about that boulder that's on your mind.

Gym ranking

Just to have some fun and spice things up, each time you sent a boulder you will recieve point (according to the grade and amount of attempts) and you will automatically participate in the ranking of your room.

Who will win this time?

And it's FREE!

If you are a climber and wan't to have a new indoor climbing experience, just click below.

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Plans & Pricing For Gyms

While the app is free to use for all climbers, we do offer upgrade plans for all kind of gyms with extra features.

Monthly Annually
( 20% OFF billed annually )

$350 /month

$3350 /year

2 months for free!!!

If you own a small wall at home this plan is for you!!!
  • No more expiration date!
  • 3 photos templates
  • Custom grades colors
  • Private gym option
  • Delete & edit boulders created by any user
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Prices are in USD per month.

Prices are in USD per year.


$18 /month

$170 /year

2 months for free!!!

This plan is great for commercial gyms, plenty of useful features.
  • No more expiration date!
  • Unlimited photos templates
  • Custom grades colors
  • Delete & edit boulders created by any user
  • Push notifications service
  • Surveys creation
  • Gym statistics
  • Training plans creation
  • and many more coming soon...
Yes, I want this!

Prices are in USD per month.

Prices are in USD per year.

The community is talking...

True reviews from our beloved climbers.

Without a doubt, one of the best apps for climbing walls, the interface is very good, with many filters and possibilities.

Pedro Moñino

I love it. First app that I know of this style and it is very much appreciated being able to have different routes from different boulders ordered, accumulate scores for each route and top attempts and even score each route created. Great idea, thank you very much!


Very good app to have an alternative way to share boulders. It has many options to record degrees, hold types, wall tilt, etc.

Jose Suarez

Great app! Very good for training, sharing experience between climbers, team building and development of the climbing skills!

Georgi Antonov

App is awesome and improves community in any gym. Anyone can be a setter with this app. I plan to use it all the time when I go for boulder sessions.


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About Boulder Creator

This project exists thanks to the hard work of Leandro Barbas (Developer) and Gustavo Grassi (UI/UX Designer), motivated by the passion we have towards climbing.

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